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Green Carpet Cleaning

A Green Leap Forward with Carpet Cleaning

Following in your smaller carbon footprint, we proudly introduce you to our green carpet cleaning service. Wall-to-wall carpeting in your home requires a completely safe and healthy clean.

At Flat Rate Carpet, we know you want a green clean that effectively removes all dirt, stains and allergens without damaging the health in and outside of your home. So when you need a green solution for your dirty carpets, look to Flat Rate Carpet’s green carpet cleaning service for help.

Simple, Green Steps

Throughout our organic carpet cleaning service we use organic and non-toxic green cleaning products. These products protect the well being and health of your loved ones. They work deep into your carpet fibers, removing all dirt, stains and allergens, without harsh chemical ingredients. They effectively remove all messes and leave your wall-to-wall carpets healthy and clean for you to enjoy.

Recently, Flat Rate Carpet invested in replacing our traditional cleaning machines with high-efficiency equipment. This new machinery uses our limited natural resources wisely - no more over consumption, less waste. They use less water and electricity while delivering you quality, green clean results.

For a healthier way of life both in and outside of your home, choose Flat Rate Carpet for expert green carpet cleaning service.

Call us today to lean more and schedule a free, no obligationbiodegradable organic carpet cleaning service.

For more green cleaning services you can check out our green rug cleaning and green upholstery cleaning pages.

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