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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Washington Heights, NY

Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning Services Washington Heights, Manhattan, NY

Wall to Wall Guarantee

New carpets make a home feel warm and cozy, giving it that brand-new look all over again. The residents of Washington Heights turn to us for their carpet installation needs, because they know that we are the affordable and trusted professionals in your area for carpets.

We can install your carpets with the stretch or glue-down methods, depending on your budget and needs. We also offer a Scotchgard service to keep them resistant to stains and easier to clean in the future.

Keep us on your calendar for a follow up cleaning every six months, and your carpets will look and smell new for years to come.

Could Your Carpets Look Better?

Carpets can hide much of the dirt and grime that falls down into them, and vacuuming will only get the surface dirt. That's why New York knows to call us when it's time to really get that carpet cleaned right.

We use only organic products, and we have years of experience caring for carpets and fabrics of all kinds.  Let us show you how we can keep your home looking and feeling cleaner with a free in-home cleaning test today.

What Are You Sleeping On?

The mattress is another important piece of your home which needs professional cleaning from time to time to make sure that the deep-down allergens are removed. Bedbugs and dust mites love to make their homes in the insides of mattresses, and your vacuum won't get them out.

You spend too much time on your mattress to allow it to become a health hazard to you. Our natural solutions will penetrate to the deepest areas of your mattress, killing unwanted guests and sanitizing the fabrics. Then our industrial strength vacuums will remove those hazards from your home. 

Is Your Leather Furniture Really Clean?

Leather doesn't always show every stain that hits it, which is one reason it is so loved for furniture. Just because the stain isn't showing doesn't mean that the bacteria isn't there, though. Leather can also break down over time from the oils and acids from your skin as well as sunlight, causing it to flake away.

Nobody treats leather in Manhattan like we do. We will remove the unwanted accumulations under the surface of your leather and leave your furniture clean and fresh. Our leather treatment will also restore the shiny look and supple feel to your 

leather, making it once again your favorite piece in the home.

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