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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Bedminster, NJ

Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning Services Bedminster, Somerset, NJ

No Gimmicks, No Hassles

Bedminster knows that we are the name to trust for cleaner rugs, carpets, and upholstery, but we still continue to prove ourself with every job. We give you a 30 day guarantee on all of our work, so you will always be satisfied with your results.

Even before we begin, you can test our skills by calling us for a free cleaning test in your home. Know with certainty that we are the team to call when you have fabrics in need of cleaning or care in your home.

A Real Professional Clean

There's nothing like a beautiful rug to accent and add style to your home. Handmade Oriental and Persian rugs have been family heirlooms for centuries, and their beauty still endures today.

In New Jersey, we are known as the rug professionals. We care for rugs better than anyone, and at affordable rates. We will clean your rug with our six step process, using our dusting technique to clear out even deep-down dirt. We can also patch any holes, restores the color, and even reweave fringe to make your rug look better and last longer.

A Touch of Warmth

Carpet can make even the oldest and coldest of houses feel new and warm again. It saves you money on heating in the winter and makes your rooms inviting and cozy.

We are carpet experts, and our professionalism and affordability are known throughout New Jersey. Let us install your new carpet through stretching with a comfy padded backing underneath, creating a floor you'll want to lie on. If your needs or budget call for it, we also use the glue-down method, which prevents buckling.

We can give you a free estimate as soon as you call. To keep your new carpets looking new longer, we recommend a follow-up cleaning every six months. Call us today.

Is Your Leather Furniture Really Clean?

Leather furniture has a rich and luxurious feel like no other type of upholstery, but it requires upkeep just like any other. We can make your leather look great again, removing any stains from the surface and ridding the inside of germs and allergens.

We finish our cleaning with natural leather conditioners that will restore the shine and softness of your leather, adding years to the life of your fine furniture. Call us today.

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