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Carpet Cleaning Mercer, NJ

Welcome to Flat Rate Carpet Cleaning Mercer

When you need really clean carpets....

You need to call Flat Rate Carpet. We provide the ultimate solution for cleaner, more hygienic flooring solutions in Mercer, New Jersey, both rugs and carpets, as well as upholstery and mattress cleaning. We don’t rest until your flooring or upholstery is stain and dust free. 

As well as providing carpet cleaning and rug cleaning solutions, we also offer Carpet Cleaning, without the headache!

When you deal with Flat Rate Carpet you are dealing with experienced, professional technicians, using tried and tested carpet cleaning solutions, and heavy duty cleaning machinery. We know how to get rid of even the most trying stains from your rugs, carpet and upholstery, and we guarantee that you’ll be breathing easier once your home has been professionally cleaned and dusted.  

Specialist rug repair

There’s no need to despair when your precious rug gets tattered or torn. We can repair it for you, and restore it to its original condition and color. Whether you need holes repairing or new backing on your rug our expert technicians can work magic in our rug restoration facility. 

We’ll also restore your rug’s original color, using color match expertise. From Oriental and Middle Eastern rugs to modern designs and family heirlooms, we’ll give your rug the attention and care it deserves.

Flood and fire damage control

 If you’ve experienced flooding or a fire in our property you’ll know how devastating it can be to repair the damage. We’ll pump excess water out of your carpet with heavy-duty machinery, preventing mold and mildew from setting in.

 If your rug padding is soaked, we’ll replace it and if you need a new carpet, we’ll install one. We’ll remove all soot and dirt from your carpet’s upholstery and rugs and clean them properly before returning them to you. We understand that damage control after a flood or fire needs to be immediate, which is why we offer a 24/7 call-out service.  
Our additional services include:

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning – small premises, corporate offices, shopping malls and places of worship
  • Carpet Installation –in all different styles, colors and budgets
  • Scotchgard Protection – making it harder for spills and stains to set in

Whether you need daily, weekly and monthly help, we can help. We promise to provide you with top-quality service at an affordable price. Call us now on 866-466-4576.

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