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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Jersey City, NJ

Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning Services Jersey City, Hudson, NJ

A Healthier, Safer, Cleaner Space

We are committed to ensuring that Jersey City has the cleanest and freshest homes and offices possible, and to keep that commitment we only use the safest and most effective organic products available.

Natural cleaning products are a healthy choice for your family and pets, in contrast to the chemicals that are found in most store-bought products and which are used by other cleaning services. Let us do a free cleaning test for you in your home, and we will show you the difference that organic cleaning makes.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Marketing and advertising can get away with saying almost anything to try and earn your business, which is why we set ourselves apart by showing you what we can do and guaranteeing the results.

Our 30 day satisfaction guarantee in Hudson backs our work every time, and our free cleaning test will prove to you upfront that we will deliver. We also pick up and deliver rugs for free when cleaning and repairing them. Let us impress you today!

Cleaner Carpets, Cleaner Home

Every type of carpet needs its own type of care, and we cover them all. Some fabrics respond better to dry cleaning, and some need steam cleaning or shampooing. We bring New Jersey our experience and knowledge in taking care of fabrics the right way every time.

Our organic solutions and powerful equipment will rid your home of unwanted allergens, dirt, and bacteria, making your place a safer and cleaner place to live. If you are ready for new carpets we can also do the installation for you, so call us today for a free estimate.

Rug Remedies that Work

Just knowing that there are centuries-old, family heirloom rugs in some people's homes tells you something: rugs are meant to last longer than many do. Not just handmade Oriental rugs, but modern, machine-made rugs as well. They will only do so with the proper care, though.

In Jersey City, we provide complete rug restoration and repair services for every conceivable rug issue. Cleaning, patching, re-weaving, coloring, and strengthening rugs is just one area where we excel.

Let us assess and repair your rugs. Call us for free pickup and delivery.

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