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Carpet Cleaning Gloucester, NJ

Welcome to Flat Rate Carpet Cleaning Gloucester

Does your home need a really good clean?

Whether you’ve just moved homes or your old one needs a top to toe clean, Flat Rate Carpets can provide the service you need in Gloucester, New Jersey, at an affordable price. We clean carpets, dust and clean rugs, wash and clean chairs and couches and even install new carpet if necessary. We also offer a rug repair and restoration service, on our local rug cleaning center- where your rug will be mended, cleaned, dried and returning as good as new.

Cleaner carpets

Nobody likes having dirty carpets, but everyday life can result in your flooring experiencing some spills and stain. Our certified staff will remove even especially hard to get out stains- like grease and wine, and will because we use only organic cleaning methods- your carpets will be dust free, cleaner, and healthier for your whole family. It’s not only carpets that can benefit from the Flat Rate treatment.

We’ll give your mattresses the spring clean they need, remove stains from your upholstery and even clean your grouting so your home will sparkle.

Commercial carpet cleaning

Our excellent service and workmanship extends to commercial carpet cleaning and carpet installation. From small shops and businesses to large offices and commercial premises and places of worship, we can handle whatever you give us- including those difficult to remove coffee stains hidden under desks.

Restoring your precious rug

We give every rug individual care and treatment. We fix holes, replaces fringes and rug backing and offer a color match service to restore your rug’s original look. Our unique six step rug cleaning service will remove dust ven deep in your rug’s foundations, whilst cleaning away any stains, discoloration and bad odors.

Additional Services in the Gloucester, NJ area

Our additional services include:

  • Flood damage control- pumping dirty water from your home and cleaning up
  • Carpet Installation – we stock a wide range, in many colors, styles and prices
  • Scotchgard Protection – extending the life of your carpet or rug
  • Fire Damage Restoration – cleaning out layers of carbon and soot
  • Assistance with Sewage Back-Ups – cleaning up a nasty mess

We work both with residential and commercial clients and tailor packages to your specific needs. So call us now on 866-466-4576 for more details.

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