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Carpet Cleaning Cape May, NJ

Welcome to Flat Rate Carpet Cleaning Cape May

Have your kids wreaked your home?

Stained carpets? Torn upholstery? If your kids have turned your home into more of a pig sty than a dream home then Flat Rate Carpet is here to help. We service homes and offices in the Cape May, New Jersey area, cleaning, repairing and restoring your living and work spaces to their original condition.

 Our trained technicians can deal with even the nastiest stains your three year old has left behind, and we offer a full 30 day guarantee on our work, as well as a free in home estimate, so there’ll be no more nasty surprises- at least, not from us.

Environmentally (and kid) friendly

We care about you and your little tykes, as well as our neighbourhood and our planet. This is why we use organic cleaners and eco-friendly cleaning methods- like steam cleaning, which is great for our environment, and super efficient too. You won’t find any harsh chemicals in our sprays, and our heavy duty machinery will leave your floorings spotless, and safe for small children, pets, and the big people in your home too.

We’ll fix up your favorite rug!

We know you cried when little Harry drew all over your antique rug. Well wipe your tears! We provide rug restoration and repair services in our local facility, where trained technicians will remove little Harry’s artwork, and return your rug to its original condition. We also provide emergency cover for after floods and fires. We’ll clean up your home, pump out water and soot and clean everything so all you need to look after is your little ones.

Great prices and savings

Whether you choose our in-home carpet or upholstery cleaning or our rug cleaning and repair services in our unique rug restoration facility you’ll get the same fantastic Flat Rate Service, and the same choice of discounts and coupons. Check out our coupon page here for seasonal and all year round carpet cleaning discounts and more.

Carpet cleaning and installation for offices too!

Some things should be kept at home, but Flat rate Carpet  isn’t one of them! You’ll get a great price on all our commercial services, including carpet installation, scotchgard protection for your office or shop carpets, and full carpet cleaning services. Call us now for our unbeatable prices for to book a test clean in your place of work. 

We have built our reputation on customer satisfaction, which is why we offer a 100% guarantee on every job. Call us on 866-466-4576 for a no-obligation quote.

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