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Pet Stain Removal

How to Clear Poop Stains

We all love pets, especially those four-legged, furry friends. We care for them in everyway possible. We feed them, pet them and clean them. But it’s not always fun and games. Every pet owner knows that pets come with some less-than-friendly accidents on your carpets.

Poop stains leave your carpets smelling unpleasant and looking terrible. We found this at-home, easy remedy to cleaning even the largest poop stains from your carpets. This video teaches, that with some simple ingredients and machinery, you can get your carpets looking and smelling great.

But, like with other stains, no at-home remedy provides you with a higher quality result than professional stain and odor removal. Our technicians at Flat Rate Carpet, use non-toxic, bleach-free products to clear the problems. Call Flat Rat today to learn more about our pet stain and odor removal services.

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  • Hi Tom!This is a little note for you and your crew who did a beautiful job on my mom's living room and...

    Sheryl Ann
  • I thought the easy chair would need an afghan forever, but your technician removed the wine stain and other...

    Melissa Donner, Brooklyn
  • "..I can't believe how good my house looks after professional carpet cleaning. Thank you, Flat Rate Carpet."

    Jake House , Salem, NY
  • "Hey Ron, I don't know how your guys did it, but the dog smell disappeared, and the rug is like new with no...

    Richard, Hempstead, NY
  • "I like Flat Rate Carpet because I get a really good quality clean at a very affordable price."

    Nick Thomas, Soho, NY
  • "I think Flat Rate is probably one of the best cleaning companies in town when it comes to value and results."

    Shannon Dunbar, Oldmans Township, NJ
  • All our area rugs had water damage. Excellent restoration was done by your team. Thank you very much.

    Mark Hathaway, Riverside NY
  • "I liked that Eric, the technician, cleaned a test spot in my carpet first. It made me feel comfortable with...

    Becca McGail, NYC
  • My Oriental rug is fragile and needed cleaning. Your people did an excellent job of cleaning it, even in its...

    Mrs. Laura Darling, Westchester, NY
  • Thanks for the way you guys cleaned the wall- to-wall in my apartment. They were all grimy, and now they are...

    Jenny Desantis, Burlington, NJ