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Quick Pet Stain Clean Up Essential to Health

Quick Pet Stain Clean-Up Essential to Health

Pet stains on carpet, rug or furniture can not only cause fabric discoloration , fabric damage and foul odour , they can also be the root of a host of respiratory related health concerns. When pet stains happen it is best to take action immediately so you can prevent permanent damage to your carpets.

A professional carpet and upholstery expert is the only person who can successfully care for your pet's mishaps. This pet stain technician will apply cleaning methods that will ensure that your carpet will look and smell as good as new.

If Only Cats Drank More Water...

It is important to note that of all the pet odors, cat urine tends to be one of the worst. The reason is that cats do not drink large amounts of water on a regular basis as other pets such as dogs do and therefore their urine is often very concentrated.

A cat's urine is made up of five different strains of bacteria. Two of the strains have to do with the marking scent of cats while the other three are to be found in the spray, the cat urine per se and the uric acid. It is the bacteria that are the number one cause of the awful smell that emanates from cat urine. Urine automatically goes through a process of decay once it reaches a carpet. Bacteria then feed on the organic waste of the urine that has been spilled. The urine then converts to a type of gas and gives off the horrible smell that is repulsive to everyone.

Quick Cure For Kitty Accidents

The longer the urine is left to sit, the more chances that it will seep deep into the carpet increase and then sink into either the floor padding or the wooden floor below.

Fresh urine needs to be blotted up with a cloth or an old towel and then a professional needs to be called to ensure sanitizing and deodorizing . At times, fabric restoration is also required as the acidity in pet urine burns through the carpet and upholstery, altering the very composition of the fabric. Regular household cleaners are not helpful for cat urine, so it is important to use a professional who can expertly care for your carpet, rugs and upholstery.

Speak with the professionals at Flat Rate in New York and New Jersey to find out what types of carpet cleaning methods they employ when it comes to getting rid of problematic pet stains.

Organic Solution For Your Health

Always ensure that fine rug cleaning is done with care when it comes to pet stains and insist that the company make use of biodegradable and non-toxic forms of cleaning products to protect both yourself, your family and your pets.

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