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Area Rugs Cleaning Tips & Info

Keep, Care and and Pass for generations

Unlike most surfaces we walk on, fine area rugs are valuable works of art. A fine area rug in your home adds beauty, style and class along with the added comfort of a softly padded floor.

A fine area rug, when properly cared for, can be passed from generation to generation.

Maintenance is Vital

Proper care and maintenance is vital in order to ensure that your fine rug will keep its beauty throughout your lifetime. In addition to periodic cleanings, these tips will help you keep your fine rug in your family for generations.

Start with the Floor

One simple step to protect your area rug starts with the floor. Floor surfaces are often slippery, and use of a proper padding beneath your carpet will keep both you and your area rug in place.

A simple “underlay” pad will hold your carpet in place, thereby reducing wear and tear. These inexpensive pads can be purchased at any hardware store, or ask your local carpet cleaners to bring one at your next carpet cleaning appointment.

Rotate Every Few Months

The next step towards a well preserved area rug involves rotating the area rug to avoid uneven wear and tear. Fine rugs that are located in sunny or high traffic areas are subject to fading colors and wear patterns.

Rotating your area rug every few months will help to keep wear and tear to a minimum.

Treat Immediately

No matter how hard we try to keep a fine rug out of harms way, dealing with spilled drinks, dirt and other stains is a fact of life.

When spills occur, it is important to treat them immediately. Start with a clean paper towel and be sure to remove all moisture from the rug to reduce any chances of mildew growth.

Dry spills, such as dirt from a fallen house plant, should be shaken off the carpet and then vacuumed. Whether your spill is red wine or dried mud, be gentle with stain removal. Rubbing anything into your area rug will only work the stain deeper into the material.

Instead, use gentle blotting or brushing and contact a professional carpet cleaner immediately.

Professional Clean Before Storage

When it is necessary to place a fine rug into long term storage, start by having the rug professionally cleaned and moth proofed.

In order to prevent mildew growth (mildew can easily destroy a carpet) wrap the area rug in a clean, breathable material like paper. Do not wrap your area rug in plastic, as condensation can form creating the perfect breading ground for mold.

With a little love and attention, your fine area rug can maintain its natural luster for years to come.

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