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Leather Furniture Cleaning

Keep up Your Leather's Appearance

Personal preference and the luxury of choice has enabled us to make our homes more comfortable. 

As we all know the purchasing of leather is costly, yet a worth while investment. Leather is much easier to clean compared to fabric as a gentle wipe over fresh spills will remove problematic stains however, if spills are not attended to immediately stains become a lot harder to clean and will require professional cleaning.

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Does Leather Repel All Stains?

Leather absorbs oils, perspiration and acids found on the human body and over time become embedded in the leather, causing serious damage to your furniture. 

Cleaning products bought in-store will not keep the leather supple and do not have the correct ingredients to provide moisture needed to prevent your furniture from dryness and cracking.

Overall, leather repels most stains if cleaned up immediately, for those stains that remain, most will disappear over time.

Fresh, Clean Leather

Professional cleaning from Flat Rate Carpet, maintains the supple and shiny look of your leather furniture giving it that brand new look.

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Useful tips for cleaning leather furniture

Imagine you have just spent a considerable sum of money on a of piece leather furniture: a leather sofa, a leather couch, a set of chairs with leather seats, a leather bean bag, a leather footstool – etc. Then, you come home one day to discover the dog peed on the furniture, your child attacked it with crayons, or your spouse accidentally stained it with a pen while working. You'll probably feel extremely frustrated – all that money spent on an elegant piece of furniture which is now dirty or stained. Don't despair just yet, though! We've got some solutions for you.

This article will detail some useful tips on how to clean leather furniture at home. Look no further – the best way to clean leather furniture is right here!.

Leather cleaning tips

Here are several basic tips which will help you keep your leather furniture looking shiny and new!

1. Vacuum first – As dust is one of the main things that can make any piece of furniture, leather furniture included, look dirty and worn in a short time - it is very important to vacuum your leather furniture regularly, and before you take any other cleaning actions. When vacuuming, make sure to use a soft brush attachment.

2. Clean with a gentle solution or soap – Leather is a sensitive material. After vacuuming, moisten a microfiber cloth with water and a gentle detergent. Then wipe the piece of furniture (it is advisable to test clean a hidden spot first to make sure the detergent doesn't make it discolored). For those who wonder how to clean leather furniture home remedy style – you can replace the detergent solution with a solution made of water and white vinegar in equal parts. After cleaning with your chosen solution, wipe the furniture again, this time with water only, and then dry it gently with a towel.

3. Condition for extra softness – to keep your leather furniture super soft and comfy, condition it once or twice a year. You can either use a commercial leather conditioner of good quality, or, if you want to know how to condition leather naturally, do the following: mix 2 parts flaxseed or linseed oil with 1 part vinegar. Whichever conditioner you use, put some of it on a cloth and rub the furniture thoroughly (but gently) with it. Then next day go over the furniture with a dry cloth.

4. Clean stains immediately – as soon as something spills on the furniture, blot it with a white (dry) cloth. This should also work with oil stains (be careful not to use water in that case). For dark stains, a common home remedy is mixing lemon juice and cream of tartar in equal parts, then dipping a moist cloth in the mixture and gently cleaning the stain. However, it is advisable to consult with the furniture company before doing that.

5. Contact a professional – sometimes, the stains are too tough or the accident too big to take of it yourself. In that case it is best to find professional leather sofa cleaners and let the experts do the job. You can ask your friends and family who is the best cleaner for leather furniture they know, or look for a leather furniture cleaning company online.

Protect your beautiful leather furniture!

We hope this article has provided you with some pointers on to clean and condition leather furniture. Good luck!

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