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Fire & Water Damage

Deal With Disasters Without Delay

Like most natural disasters, no one can prepare for all of the negative effects of a flood or fire. Flooding in the home causes damage to carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Even if you clear all of the water out of your home, you still run the risk of developing mold in the wet areas.

Fire leaves behind toxic smoke smells and burns marks which harm the health of your family. To avoid further damage and threats from floods and fires, you need immediate and professional cleaning and drying treatments.

Fortunately, you don't need to lift a finger. Flat Rate Carpet provides you with comprehensive clean-up, restoration and mold removal services after any fire or water emergency.

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Water Damage Repair title=

Water Damage Repair

After a flood, you must act quickly to stop the spread of water throughout your house. A wet carpet can accumulate dirt and develop mold very quickly. Don't hesitate to call us, 24/7, in any emergency. We will be on our way, immediately.

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Mold Removal title=

Mold Removal

Mold in the house can be dangerous and should be dealt with quickly. It is important to leave this job to professionals. Flat Rate Carpet uses non-toxic disinfectants that will take care of the problem with no risk to your health.

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Sewage Backup title=

Sewage Backup

No-one likes to deal with sewage back-ups. Sewage back-ups result in unpleasant messes and pose serious risks to the health of your family. Our trained and experienced technicians confidently and thoroughly clean, clear and disinfect the mess.

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Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration title=

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

If your home has been set ablaze by fire, you need to treat the resulting damage without delay. Do not enter the damaged area as you run the risk of inhaling soot or smoke. Call us immediately, so that we can come remove the mess and completely clean your home.

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  • All our area rugs had water damage. Excellent restoration was done by your team. Thank you very much.

    Mark Hathaway, Riverside NY
  • Your people were professional and fast, it really helped us get through this whole process of renovation....

    David and Lisa Teller, Fairfield, CT
  • "I really liked working with Ally. She worked with my crazy schedule and got a technician to my house quickly....

    Cassie Michaels, Arverne, NY
  • "I like Flat Rate Carpet because I get a really good quality clean at a very affordable price."

    Nick Thomas, Soho, NY
  • I greatly appreciate working with your team to update our home. The service, from coordinating the decor to...

    Mary Stanton, Middlesex, NJ
  • The carpet in our living room had a big rip in it. FlatRate Carpet repaired it seamlessly -it looks...

    Mrs. Jennifer Patterson, Queens
  • "I got a great clean at a very reasonable price from the team at Flat Rate. I would use you again and again."

    Wendy Davis, Boerum Hill, NY
  • "Alex from Flat Rate did a great job cleaning my couches. He gave a great explanation of the quote and price...

    Patti McConor, Aberdeen Township, NJ
  • "..I thought my dog ruined my couch forever. But then you came and cleaned the stains and removed all the dog...

    Jenna Smith, Great Neck, NY
  • My living room furniture is looking fresh again - it looks like it did when I bought it!Thanks guys for...

    Karen McCarthy, New York