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Boat Carpet Cleaning and Installation

Leave your Yacht Carpet Cleaning to the Experts

At Flat Rate Carpet, we proudly offer yacht carpet cleaning and boat carpet cleaning and installation as part of our vast menu of professional carpet services. Yachts and boats require regular cleaning treatments to keep the carpet looking and feeling great.

Just like the carpeting found in your home, yacht or boat carpeting collects dirty messes from constant rolling traffic. But, unlike your home, your yacht carpets fall victim to harsh environmental agents like salt water, algae, constant moisture and long exposure to sunlight along with the traditional stains, dirt and allergens.

Boat Carpet Cleaning for Lasting Clean, Protection

While most yacht and boat carpeting comes with protective sealants and guards, these shields wear off and out over time. When this happens, the threatening messes embedded into your carpets cause permanent damage. Tears, holes, stains, mold and discoloration start to pollute your beautiful yacht.

Our trained technicians perform a yacht and boat carpet cleaning service that leaves your carpets completely clean and fresh. We work deep into the fibers and completely extract all the threatening messes. When we finish your carpets will look and feel just like new.

Throughout the yacht and boat carpet cleaning and installation service, we use only non-toxic, green products. These special products feature all-natural ingredients that aggressively fight off fight messes while treating your carpets and the environment gently.

Ruined Carpets? Let us Install a New One

When the time comes for replacing a boat carpet, due to severe damage or just regular wear and tear, trust the boat carpet installation specialists at Flat Rate Carpet. We offer you a wide range of carpet options to suit all your budget, style and performance needs. Our boat carpet replacement service leaves your yacht or boat looking as good as the day you bought it.

So when you need a boat or yacht carpet cleaning treatment or boat carpet installation service, call Flat Rate Carpet toll free at 866-466-4576.

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