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Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Quick Fix for Pet Accidents

Fresh Home with No Stains, No Smells

We love our pets as much as any other family member. But, unfortunately, pets can create more mess, stains and odors than any other members of our family. These accidents can turn your lovely carpet into a smelly, stained nightmare.

But, with the help of Flat Rate Carpet you can enjoy a fresh smell and clean carpet even after the biggest pet accidents.

We dedicate our time to keeping your home fresh, clean and safe. We use non-toxic, organic and hypo-allergenic cleaning products to clean your problem areas. This ensures that your family and pet stay safe and healthy in a fresh, green clean environment.

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Pet Mess Treatment

pet stain removal NY-NJ-CT

We successfully remove pet odor from your carpets, rugs and upholstery by precisely determining the soiled areas. We then treat each spot separately and carefully to ensure maximum deodorization and stain removal.

We closely inspect all areas of your rug to find and eliminate set-in, sometimes hidden stains from urine and other pet messes. We then pre-treat and soak the areas with a pre-cleanser designed to break down the powerful odor-causing urine molecules.

Organic Deep Cleaning Process

Our pre-cleaner uses special enzymes that dissolve urine at the molecular level. It withstands high temperatures associated with our cleaning processes without losing its effectiveness. After pre-treating the smelly spots, our regular organic deep cleaning process removes all remaining stains.

Our cleaning experts use advanced pet stain removers during the cleaning treatment. They completely eliminate pet stains and odor without harming your home. This gives you a clean and fresh home for all of your family members to enjoy.

Flat Rate Carpet also offers these pet stain and odor solutions:

  • Cleaning or replacement (if necessary) of wall-to-wall carpeting and rug padding.
  • Color restoration (if pet urine altered the carpet's color).

Goodbye Pet Odors

Flat Rate Carpet uses high-quality products that eliminate all pet odors from carpets, rugs and upholstery. Some products contain enzymes that break down the source of the odor.

Remember, smelly stains and odors need immediate treatment in order to eliminate the problem completely. So when your cuddly friend makes a mess, act quickly to ensure complete removal of lingering odors.

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