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How to Remove Indentations on Your Carpet

Carpet Indent | Flat Rate Carpet BlogSo you finally went and replaced that old coffee table, but now you have indentations in your carpet where the old one stood for so many years. Getting new furniture is fun, but not when the dents in your carpet won’t go away. Removing furniture dents from carpets is super easy, just follow these quick steps.

First take some ice cubes, one for a small dent and more for a larger mark, and allow the ice to begin to melt into the dent. The melting ice cube should completely fluff up the carpet!

Use a clean, white cloth to blot up any water in the carpet. If the dent is still there, you can use a fork to very gently lift the remaining fibers.

It’s so easy, you’ll never be stuck with unsightly furniture marks again.

Save your Carpets from Summer

Girl on Carpet | Flat Rate BlogSummer is a fun time for lots of outdoor activities, but all that outdoor fun can be hard on your indoor carpets. Follow a few simple rules this summer and keep your carpets as good as new.

It’s great when the kids are outdoors playing, but when they come inside you’ll wind up with dirty footprints all over your carpets. Prevent the spread of outdoor dirt by keeping a shoe rack by the front and back door. Make sure kids know to remove shoes before coming into the house.

Kids aren’t the only people tracking dirt into the house. Adults should also be asked to remove shoes before coming inside. If you’re entertaining friends that won’t be comfortable removing their shoes, make sure you provide a doormat where guests can wipe their shoes before coming inside.

Rainy summer days mean the whole family will be stuck inside. Keeping drinks and snacks out of the carpeted areas of the house will prevent spills and crumbs from staining your carpets.

By following a few simple household rules, you’ll be able to extend the life of your carpets while keeping them in perfect condition.

How to Remove Cough Syrup Stains

With Jack Frost out there nipping at your noses and toes, it’s likely that you have fallen victim to the nasty cold and flu causing germs bouncing around. Along with the germs, also come the medicines. Whether it’s over-the-counter fixes or prescriptions from the good ole’ doctor, this time of year makes most people feel like walking pharmacies.

If you’re lucky enough, your personal illness may require assistance from cough syrup. While that sticky liquid may help kick your symptoms, it also leaves a pretty big disaster if spilled in your carpets (especially if you had a late-night mishap during a midnight dose).

Have no fear, we’re here to help. Follow these cough syrup stain busting tips for a clean carpet in no time.

Start by mixing one tablespoon hand dish detergent, one tablespoon white vinegar with two cups of warm water. Gently sponge the mixture onto the stain then forcefully pack the solution, using a spoon or brush, deeper into the stains. Sponge the area with water and blot until all the liquid is absorbed into your sponge.

Then sponge rubbing alcohol onto the affected area until the stain completely disappears. Finish by sponging the area with cold water to remove all rubbing alcohol. Leave untouched to dry for 24 hours.

Amanda & the Blue Christmas Dream

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Winter Break Whimsy

At Amanda’s house, winter break normally means a trip up north to visit Grammy and Pop. But, this year, the beloved grandparents came down south to spend the holidays with Amanda and family.

Wanting to make this holiday even more special, the kids, crouched together in Marty’s infamous work space, designed a colorful spectacle for the whole family.

Inspired by a favorite carol, “Dreaming of a White Christmas” along with a couple of twists of their own, Marty constructed a slotted-bottom bucket to hang from the living room ceiling fan. Rubie concocted a mix of bright blue food coloring, water and extra-shaken soap.

On Christmas morning, Marty hit play on the CD player and turned the ceiling fan on high. Rubie then climbed the ladder and began slowly pouring her solution into the bucket.

Unexpected Messy, Turn of Events

As the bright blue bubbles and foam floated through the living room, their parents, Grammy and Pop, clad in pajamas, danced and laughed in the blue snow bubble shower.

Just then, Rubie lost her grip of the slippery, blue soap and dropped her bucket of foamy bubble solution right into the white carpet and absorbed quickly.

Wet with soap suds, their family paused, shook their heads then laughed. Grammy looked at her nervous grandchildren and said, “Thank goodness for Flat Rate Carpet.”

Two days after Christmas, the grandparents left just as the technician arrived. While the technician removed the stain, Amanda took a break from her book and thought, “Oh, how I love those colorful imaginations.”

Amanda & the Chocolate Milk Cow Explosion

Fighting Mid-Winter Boredom

With the changing seasons, came a serious change in lifestyle for Amanda and her children. No more long evenings playing outside with late sunsets. No more comfortable temperatures and homework-less afternoons. Winter came and Marty, Amanda’s son, got bored.

As an inquisitive and inventive child, Marty decided to make some indoor fun of his own. Feeling inspired by his last biology lesson at school, Marty decided to build a replica of the amazing Guernsey cow, the dairy queen of the farm, but with a twist.

Marty, locked away in his work space, created a beautiful cardboard white and brown spotted cow. As an avid chocolate milk fan, Marty felt it only necessary to finish off the cow with a latex glove utter filled with freshly mixed chocolate milk.

White Pastures, Brown Puddles & Flat Rate Carpet

Feeling utterly proud of his creation, Marty brought his cow out to pasture on the white carpets of the living room.

While frolicking among the carpets, Marty’s Guernsey cow sprung a chocolate milk leak and the glove exploded. Before Marty could react, a giant chocolate milk puddle absorbed into the carpet.

Marty did the only responsible thing he could think of–he called his mom for help. Amanda looked from the chocolate stain to her disappointed son. She shook her head, smiled and said, “Thank goodness for Flat Rate Carpet.”

A technician arrived at her house an hour later and, while he cleared the stain completely, Amanda took a break from her book and thought lovingly to herself, “What will that boy of mine think of next?”