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Area Rug Care

When Cleaning Expertise Meets Great Service

A good area rug can really tie a room together: Maintaining it properly by having it professionally cleaned every 6 months can extend its life significantly, and keep the entire room fresh looking and beautiful. We provide professional area rug care services.

Every rug that arrives at Flat Rate Carpet receives the special care it deserves. We carefully consider important factors such as age, fabric or condition. All of which will determine its specific care. Our highly-trained technicians are extremely experienced in the cleaning, repair and restoration of all types of rugs. We promise you that when you get your piece back it will look wonderful again.

Flat Rate Carpet's Rug Cleaning Process - Learn More

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Rug Cleaning title=

Rug Cleaning

Whether you have a fine hand-woven, an antique Persian or a contemporary piece, we have the knowledge and equipment to clean it thoroughly. Giving each rug the special care it deserves, we guarantee you a stainless, soft and fresh-smelling rug.

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Rug Repair title=

Rug Repair

Over the years, the state of your area rug is likely to deteriorate, regardless of the care you put into it. Colors fade, fringes might unravel and sometimes rugs can tear. When this happens, rug repair and restoration are necessary.

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Rug Restoration title=

Rug Restoration

Don't let your once beautiful rug stay tear, faded or dirty - we have a wide array of area rug restoration solutions which can you rug looking prestige as it used to.

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Rug Appraisal title=

Rug Appraisal

If you are in need of a professional and expert rug appraisal, a certified review you can count on, Flat Rate Carpet will provide just that for you.

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Rug Storage title=

Rug Storage

Storing your rug at home, under problematic conditions, can cause it many damages. We can provide you with a storage facility that guarantees optimum storage conditions, close to your home.

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