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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Professional Grouting and Cleaner Tiles

Keeping your tiles and grout in good shape is an important part of keeping your home clean.

Because grout is a porous material, it easily absorbs materials such as dirt, grease and limescale.

Dark or greasy substances can cause marks between the space in your tiling. Pink, orange, or yellow discoloration can occur as a result of acid-formulated shampoos and soaps.

Prevent Future Damage

Grout is also extremely susceptible to mold and mildew, because tiles are often found in damp environments (such as bathrooms). Because mold and mildew often lead to discoloration and stains, you should have the tiles and grouting in your home cleaned professionally, as a part of an ongoing house-maintenance program.

Let Flat Rate Carpet take that job off your hands. We employ an effective and safe method for this kind of cleaning, but one that is still powerful enough to remove the toughest stains and mildew. Our expert technicians will restore the sheen to your surfaces in no time.

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  • All our area rugs had water damage. Excellent restoration was done by your team. Thank you very much.

    Mark Hathaway, Riverside NY
  • To everyone at Flat Rate Carpet,It's been a pleasure working with you all the past two years! In our...

    Matt Lowery
  • Thanks for the way you guys cleaned the wall- to-wall in my apartment. They were all grimy, and now they are...

    Jenny Desantis, Burlington, NJ
  • The carpet in our living room had a big rip in it. FlatRate Carpet repaired it seamlessly -it looks...

    Mrs. Jennifer Patterson, Queens
  • Hi Tom!This is a little note for you and your crew who did a beautiful job on my mom's living room and...

    Sheryl Ann
  • My Oriental rug is fragile and needed cleaning. Your people did an excellent job of cleaning it, even in its...

    Mrs. Laura Darling, Westchester, NY
  • "I got a great clean at a very reasonable price from the team at Flat Rate. I would use you again and again."

    Wendy Davis, Boerum Hill, NY
  • "I think Flat Rate is probably one of the best cleaning companies in town when it comes to value and results."

    Shannon Dunbar, Oldmans Township, NJ
  • "..I can't believe how good my house looks after professional carpet cleaning. Thank you, Flat Rate Carpet."

    Jake House , Salem, NY
  • I thought the easy chair would need an afghan forever, but your technician removed the wine stain and other...

    Melissa Donner, Brooklyn