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Floor Cleaning and Waxing

Flat Rate Clean for All Floors

Flat Rate Carpet offers more than just professional carpet cleaning services. We also professionally clean wood, marble, tile and ceramic flooring in your home.

These floors attract dirt and grit in high traffic areas. This leaves your beautiful, unique flooring looking less than perfect. More importantly, excess built-up dirt permanently damages your floors and creates unsafe scratches and nicks.

Thorough Shine, Complete Clean

Flat Rate Carpet ensures the beautiful appearance and cleanliness of all your floors with our top-quality floor cleaning and waxing techniques.

Struggling with a stubborn stain? We can help. Our well-trained technicians expertly remove all stains on all types of floors. And because stains set in quickly, the sooner you call us the better result you receive.

Further Protection

With proper floor cleaning and waxing, your floors maintain their shine for longer, show less damage from everyday wear and tear and make your living spaces safer for everyone.

Here at Flat Rate Carpet, we know that regular floor cleaning and maintenance keep floor surfaces looking beautiful. It also increases the longevity of your floor which saves you money and time in the future.

We offer professional cleaning services for all floor surfaces including:

Floor Care in New Yrok, New Jersey & Connecticut

When you choose Flat Rate Carpet for a floor cleaning service you can enjoy the following methods:

  • High-speed polishing - Give your floors a professional shine with super performance high-speed floor polishing machines.
  • Waxing and sealing - Protect and buff your floors with top-quality, professional waxing products.
  • Honing - Remove scratches and etchings from stone and marble, giving a shiny, reflective surface.

Call Flat Rate Carpet for your free estimate and demonstration. Any of our customer service staff members happily assist you with your questions.

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  • Your people were professional and fast, it really helped us get through this whole process of renovation....

    David and Lisa Teller, Fairfield, CT
  • "..I thought my dog ruined my couch forever. But then you came and cleaned the stains and removed all the dog...

    Jenna Smith, Great Neck, NY
  • All our area rugs had water damage. Excellent restoration was done by your team. Thank you very much.

    Mark Hathaway, Riverside NY
  • I greatly appreciate working with your team to update our home. The service, from coordinating the decor to...

    Mary Stanton, Middlesex, NJ
  • "I like Flat Rate Carpet because I get a really good quality clean at a very affordable price."

    Nick Thomas, Soho, NY
  • To everyone at Flat Rate Carpet,It's been a pleasure working with you all the past two years! In our...

    Matt Lowery
  • "..I can't believe how good my house looks after professional carpet cleaning. Thank you, Flat Rate Carpet."

    Jake House , Salem, NY
  • I thought the easy chair would need an afghan forever, but your technician removed the wine stain and other...

    Melissa Donner, Brooklyn
  • "I really liked working with Ally. She worked with my crazy schedule and got a technician to my house quickly....

    Cassie Michaels, Arverne, NY
  • "I really liked the free cleaning test treatment and think they offer very fair pricing. They did an excellent...

    Jayden Becker, Staten Island, NY