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Bed Bug Prevention

Bed bugs are extremely tiny pests that make a large mess inside of a home or building. If you live in, or are traveling to, an area that is affected by bed bugs it’s important to take certain measures to prevent bringing bed bugs into your home. Taking a few small steps in bed bug prevention is much easier than getting rid of the bugs once they have moved in.

Bedroom | Flat Rate Carpet BlogFinding furniture on the street used to be a great idea, however you may be bringing more than a sofa into your home. Bed bugs are not easily detected, so you have no way of knowing what you’re bringing home.

When purchasing used furniture take the time to deeply inspect all cracks and crevices for any signs of bed bugs. Using a magnifying class and a flashlight, look for blood spots, bug feces, or the bugs themselves deep in cracks and crevices of furniture.

Sometimes bed bugs wander into a home from a nearby apartment through small cracks in the walls, baseboards and other similar fixtures. To avoid this you can seal cracks and crevices in your home with caulk.

When traveling in areas well known for bed bugs be especially careful with your luggage, as bed bugs can hide in the seams and hitchhike home with you. Do not place suitcases on the bed or floor until you’ve inspected the mattresses for signs of bed bugs (tiny blood smears). Make sure to check the seams of your suitcase for hitchhikers before you leave.

If you think your clothing was exposed to bed bugs, wash and dry them in very hot temperatures to kill the bugs. Keep all clothing in a sealed, plastic bag until you can wash them in order to trap the bugs.

Identifying and getting rid of bed bugs is very difficult, which is why proper bed bug prevention is so important. Avoid expensive exterminations and sleepless nights by keeping bed bugs out of your home.

Bed Bugs Strike Back

We all know the childhood nighttime rhyme, “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bug bite,” but did you ever know that bed bugs are real?

According to the Mayo Clinic, bed bugs have a long history of human blood sucking. They live deep in our mattresses and bed frames emerging for their midnight snack on your arms, wrists, necks and faces. After World War II, the United Sates eradicated all the little beasts with a pesticide almost as strong as an atomic weapon. Since then the FDA outlawed its use due to its highly toxic ingredients.

After the pesticide disappeared, the bed bugs came back in growing numbers. Recent research shows that in the last year 95% of professional cleaning services reported an increased infestation of bed bugs in private homes, hotels and college dorms across the US.

These little dark brown bugs wreck havoc in your sheets and, once discovered, require immediate removal. They cause major swelling at the bite sight and irritate allergies in suffers and asthmatics.

If you notice a bed bug infestation in your home, call a professional to eliminate them ASAP. Nothing screams nightmare louder than bed bugs.

Keep the Bed Bugs at Bay

They’re saying in NYC now that if you’ve never seen a bed bug, you’ve really lucked out! There seems to be a full-blown epidemic in the city at the moment, which has spread to many hotels!

And these blood suckers are suckers for equality – they attack you whether you’re black or white, or rich or poor. But they do like to live in crowded, urban areas – like the five boroughs!

The only real way to fix the problem is by calling professional exterminators. They have the equipment and the know-how to get the job done properly. They won’t just sanitize the area, but they’ll deodorize it too, so you can get back to a bug-free night’s sleep ASAP.

And finally, remember, if you want to weed out the con men, call the Better Business Bureau first.