Sharing is Caring, Especially When It Comes to Cleaning

Keep the Bed Bugs at Bay

They’re saying in NYC now that if you’ve never seen a bed bug, you’ve really lucked out! There seems to be a full-blown epidemic in the city at the moment, which has spread to many hotels!

And these blood suckers are suckers for equality – they attack you whether you’re black or white, or rich or poor. But they do like to live in crowded, urban areas – like the five boroughs!

The only real way to fix the problem is by calling professional exterminators. They have the equipment and the know-how to get the job done properly. They won’t just sanitize the area, but they’ll deodorize it too, so you can get back to a bug-free night’s sleep ASAP.

And finally, remember, if you want to weed out the con men, call the Better Business Bureau first.

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