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Cleaning and removing stain and dirt from carpet

In Upper West Side, Manhattan NY, 12/01/2016Done By: Francisco, Perez

Flat Rate Carpet Team Cleaning and removing stain and dirt from a carpet. and all is back to normal...

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White chair cleaning

In Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY, 4/12/2015Done By: Yogev

cleaning white upholstered chair with hot water extraction method, by Flat Rate Carpet Team in apartment building .

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Cleaning Carpet in Manhattan

In Upper East Side, Manhattan NY, 12/02/2014Done By: Danny

This wall to wall carpeted area was near a hallway, which meant a lot of foot traffic, including by care free children :) We applied our deep cleaning method, along with natural cleaning products and made it clean and fresh as it once was.

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Fine Area Rug Repair in Bronx

In Marble Hill, Manhattan NY, 12/02/2014Done By: Thomas

This lovely oriental rug needed help on all front: Its fringes were uneven, its original color gone and faded, and some small tears were quickly turning into holes. we took care of it all in our own warehouse, giving it the shape it deserves.

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Getting red wine off of wall to wall carpet

In Riverdale, The Bronx NY, 12/02/2014Done By: Eric Perez

Entering a disaster area after a somewhat wild party, we had to get to business. One of those businesses was removing wine (red and white) spills from all over the house carpet. And as you see, we handled it well.

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Sofa cleaning in Queens

In Astoria, Queens NY, 12/02/2014Done By: Mac

A nice sofa in the guest room, that was sitting dirty for some time until we arrived. We cleaned, refreshed and deodorizes the entire room to be fitting for guests. Getting this sofa cleaned was a big part of it.

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