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Holiday Stress Management Tips

’Tis the season of joy, laughter, family, friends and tons of holiday stress! With so much to do it’s easy to lose the spirit of the holidays. Make this a stress free holiday season with five minutes and a few simple strategies.

When we’re stressed our breathing becomes shallow, and increases anxiety. Taking a few deep, long breaths is a quick way to reduce holiday stress by making us feel instantly calmer.

Exercise gets rid of negative emotions and releases endorphins, the body’s natural feel good chemical. To take advantage of this great stress buster just do a few jumping jacks or take a walk with a friend.

Music is a great mood enhancer, and can help take your mind off your ever growing to do list. No matter what you’re doing, putting on your favorite music and sing your way to a stress free holiday.

DIY Holiday Gift Baskets

Gifts are always nicer when they come from the heart. Giving a personalized present to your loved ones doesn’t have to be a hassle with home made gift baskets.

Start by thinking about each particular person’s favorite things. For coffee or tea lovers, add a few different fair trade coffee/tea varieties. Top it off with a new mug filled with home made cookies.

Do you have a friend who loves to cook? Fill his/her basket with some gourmet salts, exotic spices, or a new apron. Throw in a cook book, or make a recipe book out of a pretty journal, or a beautiful box with index cards.

Spoil someone with a gift basket of organic soy candles, bath beads, potpourri and a nice lotion or new bathrobe.

Pick out a few baskets from a flea market or craft store. If the baskets are too big it will look empty, so pay attention to size. Wrap the baskets in shrink wrap, tying the top closed with a ribbon, and heat with a blow dryer.

Viola, the perfect present!

Halloween Costumes for the Kids

Today we’re looking making costumes for Halloween. There are so many ways to make something fun, special and inexpensive for your kids, so take a look at a couple of our ideas below:

Skeleton Costume: sticky black plastic, black and white paint, a couple of safety pins, black clothes and some cardboard. After you’ve drawn the bones and rib cage onto the black plastic, cut them out carefully. Put on your black clothes, place the white bones carefully on your body then paint your face! You’re ready to scare!

Or what about a witch’s outfit? You can have it in black, orange, green or even purple. With a black t-shirt and a frilly or puffed skirt, all you will need are the traditional witch accessories – a black hat, magic wand and a broomstick!

You can make a wand out of a stick, painted black or another color, and decorate it with ribbons, a star or a feather at the top. You can make a hat with black felt or cardboard, or pick one up cheaply in a local store. And as for the broomstick – go and look in the cupboard!

Your daughter will love it.

Have a spectacularly scarey evening!