Sharing is Caring, Especially When It Comes to Cleaning

Water as a Health Food?

We hear it all the time, drink 8 glasses of water a day. But who has time for water when there’s an endless supply of juices, infusions and bottled drinks that at least have some flavor to them? When I was browsing the website of the World’s Healthiest Foods, I was shocked to find water listed alongside green tea and Tamari soy sauce.

The Worlds Healthiest Foods were compiled based on (among other things) the ratio of nutrients to calories, and since water from natural sources has a significant number of minerals with zero calories, that certainly puts it on the list.

Not only are our bodies at least 60% water, but water is also used to move nutrients around the body and remove toxins from the body. Drinking water leads to better heart health, proper blood pressure, improved mental performance, increased athletic performance, clearer skin and better digestion.

We all have the temptation to add flavor to our water to make it more exciting. But a lot can be said for getting used to the refreshing feeling of plain water.

If you are trying to cut out juices and sodas, but are having a hard time with water, try adding a lemon slice to the glass. For something a little more adventurous cut a small, peeled cucumber into half, and add into a water jug and refrigerate. Leave the cucumber floating in the water for a few hours and soon you’ll have your own refreshing cucumber water.

When Good Vegetables Go Bad

Reducing our carbon footprint is about more than switching to reusable shopping bag, it’s about trying to reduce waste in every corner of our life. Just last week I bought a beautiful bunch of celery for a snack, stuffed it in my fridge and totally forgot about it. In just a few days my beautiful celery turned into a sad, wilted mess.

Celery is a wonder food in many ways. With only 18 calories per serving it is the perfect snack food. Whether eaten alone, or dipped in peanut butter or dressing, this veggie supplies a satisfying crunch.

So instead of tossing my wilted celery in the trash, I cut off the bottom of the bunch and stuck it in a glass of water like a sad bouquet. Just a few hours later my afternoon snack was revived!

For a fun project with celery, add all natural, organic food coloring to a class of water. Cut the bottom off a bunch of celery (it doesn’t have to be wilted) and put in the water over night. Wake up to a wonderful surprise!

Cleaning up Christmas, Pine Needle Pick Up

Still enjoying the beauty of a live Christmas tree? Although there are so many benefits to having a live tree, clean up can be a nightmare. Using a regular vacuum to pick up pine needles doesn’t always work, and can cause some serious damage to your vacuum cleaner.

Instead of clogging up your vacuum cleaner this year, just follow these simple tips and taking down that tree will be easier than ever.

Sweep up the majority of the mess with a broom and dust pan. The remaining needles can usually be removed with a large lint roller. You can also wrap duct tape around your hand with the sticky part facing out. It might take some time, and a lot of duct tape, but it’s easier than picking up each needle one by one.

Baking soda is the perfect solution to getting up any remaining needles that are stuck to your carpet with sap. Sprinkle on the baking soda, and wait 10 minutes before picking up the sticky needles.

Although the clean up of a live tree is quite a hassle, the pleasure it brings during the Christmas season is worth all the effort. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas.

Green Holiday Ideas

We found a few green holiday tips to make it easy for you to go green this holiday season.

Start off your green holiday by replacing your old holiday lights with new, energy saving LED lights. Not only will it refresh your holiday decorations, but you’ll use up to 90% less energy! That translates to some serious savings on your energy bills.

Save paper by sending holiday e-cards this year, or you can order postcards with family photos. Be creative with your wrapping paper by using the Sunday comics or magazine pages. Double up on your gifts this year by wrapping your gifts in cute, reusable shopping bags.

By following our simple green holiday tips it’s easy to save the world, and our wallets.

Conservative Never Looked So Cool

I recently read a review of the 2011 MTV Music Video Awards which congratulated the network, performers and guests for this year’s more conservative, simplistic platform and behavior.

While performers like Lady Gaga and Chris Brown, wowed and impressed the crowd and viewers with their chart topping songs and creative choreography, their performances received acclaim for the simplistic approach. Some even said it was refreshing to see celebrities tone down the drama and extravagance.

It seems like in these scary, uncertain times, even celebrities have started promoting conservatism and sustainability. I applaud this cultural shift and the celebrities who, conscientiously or unconscientiously, set a leading example.

This helps us reinforce conservation and sustainability across the board. Whether you start a recycling program in your neighborhood or donate reusable water bottles to your office water cooler, follow this year’s trend and make conservative and sustainable actions look cool in your life.