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Good Housekeeping Habits

Being a good housekeeper is all about habits. Everyone want their house to be clean, smelling fresh, inviting to guests and family at all times. We don’t want to be ashamed of of the way we keep our house, or rather don’t keep (at least not the way we wish we would).

But, then again, it’s all about habits. And step by step, one day after another, you can learn and teach yourself to maintain a healthy housekeeping lifestyle – one that does not demand your full time and effort, but a natural part of life, easy and routine.



To make your life easier, here are some good basic tips:

Find a Way to Handle The Clutter

Clutter will find it’s way in the jungle of your home life. Your mission would be to find a system, a reliable routine you can trust to keep clutter from accumulating, and in the same time reduces the need for cleaning and post clutter operations. It is also called the one touch rule.

For example, find a designated place for dirty cloths, or toss the junk mail straight to the garbage. When you receive junk mail and just keep it laying around, you will have to deal with it twice instead of just once. Multiply that by everything you let laying around, and imagine how much time and effort you will save by having a system – and sticking to it.

Have a Regular Place for Everything

Keys can go into a bowl in the entrance of the house, newspapers stacked in a pile on the coffee table and the dog’s food in the corner of the washing machine room. Wherever, whatever, just keep a fixed place for your stuff – and keep it going. Creatures of habits, you and your family will get used to it and it will become easier and way less of a  hassle just to put everything in it’s right place. Again, putting things randomly and then picking them up, doubles the work.

Focus on The Kitchen

You should have a cleaning routine all around the house, but really keep close attention to the kitchen. One reason is that part for the bathroom – and maybe even more so – it’s a possible dirt and germs breeding area, and health wise it should really be kept clean and organized . Other than that, The kitchen gets dirty, visibly dirty, very easily. The rest of the house can be kept in good shape for a few days without special attention, but your kitchen can’t. It needs a system and a watchful eye, as it is also one the most visited and used rooms of the house. Take couple of minutes in the end of each day to take a look and see if there’s any mess left.


To some extent, this is true to the living room also, as it is the “centerpiece” room of the house.

Have a solid routine for these two heavy traffic rooms, and your life will become much cleaner and healthier.

Begin Your Day With the Making of Your Bed

Habits, as we said, are acquired, and not something that falls on us from the sky. So in each day onto itself, it’s a good idea to start the day off with a sign of cleanliness and order. By making the bed first thing in the morning, you set the tone for the rest of the day and signify to yourself that keeping things in order is natural and part of everyday life.

Plus, you will have the pleasure of walking into a tidy bedroom at the end of the day, which is great onto itself.

Think About Your House as What it Really is – Your Home

We get used to our house and forget it is actually our home. We can shape it, design it, set its tone and mood. It is up to us, even when we are caught up in “life” to remember that and think about how we want our home to feel and look.

Try to imagine how it would be perfect for you, feel it, love it – and then form a plan suitable for your needs and time you have to spend on it. Housekeeping should be goal oriented, not just a hassle or something you do because you have to.

In the end, it’s all about what suits your needs and wants. About how your want to shape your housekeeping habits and lifestyle in the home you maintain.

How to Keep Your Rug’s Value – An Easy Guide

An area rug, by nature and design, is a delicate item. Machine or hand made, wool or silk, antique or brand new – it needs to be taken care of, regularly and with special attention, if you want to keep its value for years to come.

The rug colors, shape and general vitality could all be preserved with some care, most of it simple and easy to follow, as you will see in this concise and helpful guide.

We promise that if you choose to adhere to these suggestions – all coming from seasoned rug cleaning and repair technicians – your rug too will continue looking beautiful as time passes by.

Regular Cleaning

How to keep your rug valueVacuuming is the first and most basic part of keeping a rug intact. As dirt tend to accumulate over time and settle between the rug’s fiber, making the entire rug weaker, vacuuming can prevent that from happening.

Some gentler rugs needs to be vacuumed very carefully, so take that into consideration before you act or search for specific rug type vacuuming and cleaning instructions. On top of that, you can regularly use (if needed) cleaning solutions
after vacuuming, for better results.

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation

You should rotate your area rugs at least once a year. As traffic on the rug surface will not be spread even, so does the rugs color fading, tear and small but yet unseen damage. You have to even it out by rotating the rug, which would keep its integrity for much longer.

Also, when it time to repair or renew the rug, the damage will be minor and spread out equally, saving the need for a bigger, more expensive, repair. Other than that, It’s important to rotate – duration time – depending on how much traffic your rug is getting. The more it gets, the higher the rotation rate needs to be.

Immediate Care

Whenever a drink is spilled, or you suddenly notice a spot you’ve never seen before, taking action as fast as possible is critical. The more you wait, the harder it is to fix the damage since the rug absorb the foreign material and incorporate it with its own. That should be avoided, if possible.

Use Only Green Cleaning Products & Solutions

Whether you’re doing an emergency treatment for a new stain on the rug, or simply performing your routine cleaning protocol, we strongly advise that you’ll use only green, non toxic, biodegradable cleaning products. Today‘s market has top of the line organic cleaning products that can do a great and effective job, without the hazards to your rug and your health, hazards that a heavy chemical agent night induce.

Use Modern Tools

At home, or when you take your rug to get professionally cleaned, you have to make sure the equipment in which the rug is being cleaned is modern and up to todays standards. It needs to be effective, green and maintained properly vacuumthrough time. An old werked vacuum, or an unmaintained steam cleaning machine can often do more damage than good. The rule should be – use good cleaning products with good machinery when it comes down to your rug.

Scheduled Professional Cleaning

Although the basis of a good rug care policy is done by you at home and is almost completely up to you, it is highly recommended that at least once a year you will use a good, reliable, professional service. All of the home cleaning, care and maintenance can’t get the effect a deep cleaning process, done by pros, can do for your rug.

It lacks not only dusting, an important step that even some companies choose to pass on, but also the complete access a professional cleaning can get to every part of the rug, inside out. A professional rug cleaning expert knows what to use, how and how much. Without this routine step, your rug will deteriorate in a much faster rate. Also, a pro can notice early signs of tear or any other problem that needs to be taken care of right away.

Since area rug repair and restoration is not a simple or cheap process, that could be a real time and money saver for you.

The Right Way To Store Your Rug

Before storing an area rug deep in the closet or the attic, it needs to be rolled and not folded. If not done this ways, it could suffer from variable creases and irreparable damage. It also needs to be vacuumed and cleaned thoroughly, avoiding any type of dirt that cause further damage to the rug materials. If the rug is made out of natural fibers, it’s advised that your pack it with mothballs, keeping any harmful insect away.

The best way to make sure your stay intact, you can use our rug storage services.

It’s up to You

To sum things up, the lifespan of your rug is very much up to you and the care you choose to give it. Taking the right steps, using the right equipment and products, following the best practices as they are presented in this blog post – and your rug can and will live a very happy life right along with you 🙂

How to choose the Right Sofa For you

Your sofa is the centerpiece of your living room. It’s where you spend most of your waking home hours, alone or with your family and friends, and where the most sociable aspects of your life happen. The right upholstery set can make or break the room and its vibe.

Sofa Cleaning Tips

Taking into account that a sofa will average a 7 years stance in your living room, picking the right one is will be something you want to think, research and understand before making the decision.

Here are some helpful tips for you to consider:


You need to fit the sofa to your living situation, space wise. For example, If you need to get it up the stairs, it should fit. More importantly, it should fill out the room but not take up too much space, avoiding a feel of crowdedness. Will your sofa be under window? Back up against the wall or in the middle of the room, so you need to consider how it looks in the back? all of these are necessary for you to get the perfect sofa.


The look and feel of the sofa is no less important than it’s size and proportions. though it is a comfort item, it also broadcast your sense of fashion and style, sometimes even the cornerstone of the design in a certain room – an item that sets the tone for the rest for the room.

Life style

Most importantly, in our eyes, it to match your sofa and all other upholstery to your lifestyle and inhabitants of the house. If you are a type of person that likes to relax by spreading an laing on it, you might want to go with something sofa, rounded, with no hard corners. If you have a family, you might not want a white sofa, or even a light colored one (depends on your kids naughtiness level).

In conclusion, think of your situation, real needs and wants, your budget – and only then, with that info go a head and find your perfect sofa.

Good Luck!

How to Choose The Right Area Rug

Weather you want to add color to the room or reinforce your sense of style around the house, Choosing the right area rug can be the perfect answer.

Varying from a machine made shag rug to a handmade delicate Persian wool rug, your options are almost limitless. Available to your are a wide variety of colors, patterns, materials, shapes, sizes and many more factors that contribute to a rug’s character.

area rug

But as with anything else, too many options can be a tad overwhelming. That is why we have some thoughts and tips for you on the subject, as real area rug experts and enthusiasts.

Size of the Rug

Measure your room properly and decide on the exact location of the intended rug. Size in this case is money, so you will need to decide on that first. With a big room, a large rug is needed, otherwise the whole space will look smaller or in the wrong proportions. On the other hand, if your sofa is backed-up against the wall – you can have a smaller rug, in front of it. At any rate, it should at least cover the length and width of your furniture.

Style of the Rug

Another major factor that should be consider at first, is the style of the rug and the character it showcase. A unique item and a substantive addition to any home, it is a true testament to its owners sensitivities.

The chosen rug should go hand in hand with your lifestyle. For example, buying an expensive and delicate main piece would be unfortunate if you have pets and little kids. It won’t hold or keep it’s qualities for a long time in such a household. Choosing a specific material that fits these circumstances, such as wool or a synthetic rug, would better suit you. The pattern of the rug would be another issue to consider, scaling between the minimalist bright rug to dense dark rug (on which stains would show less prominent).

Remember that patterned rugs can really complement your room color scheme, and that wear and tear shows less on these rugs, in comparison to cleaner, neater rugs.

Whichever rug you choose for your home, keep in mind that it is an item that – as the cliche goes – “really ties the room together”. Make sure you tie it the right way for you.

How to Choose the Right Carpet

Choosing the right carpet for your home is a big deal. Wall to wall carpets are an investment, raising the value of the house, adding a very present feature that will accompany your family for many years to come.

It needs to match the style, furniture, structure and general atmosphere of the house. The right carpet can make a house into a true home, adding warmth and a safe environment for your children to play in. The wrong carpet can lead to visual disarray and a big waste of money.

We have gathered some tips for you so your decision can be more informed and suited to your own real needs.

Carpet Options

Carpet Options

– The Fiber: Choosing which fiber will constitute your wall to wall carpet is probably the most important factor to consider. It will set the quality and price of the whole process.

– Consider your budget: how much money do your really have to spend on the process? we suggest that you will be straightforward with your installation consultant and ask him to best suit your proposed budget.

– Look: try to match, with the help of your consultant, the colors, texture, patterns and overall look to the rest of your home. Remember that wall to wall carpet is indeed wall to wall, which means that it becomes a major part of your home decor. Minimalism is recommended.

– Expected traffic: where will the carpet be laid down? living room, pool side? Is the house full of day to day traffic? the durability of the carpet material is crucial when thinking about future wear and tear.

– Who is in the house: Children, pets, young parting crowd? If so, it should be taken into consideration when talking about the fiber and preventive carpet protection (scougard and the likes of it).

Remember to check a variety of options before making a choice and consult with the professionals who can offer you the benefits of their experience.

Good luck!