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Staying safe during hurricane season in NY

Less than 50% of New York and New Jersey residents are preparing more for hurricane season this year, despite the devastation from Sandy and Irene still so fresh in our minds (and neighborhoods.)

As the rain lashes down this weekend please make sure that you and your families are prepared.

ny storms

1. Listen to local news– and take it seriously! If the weather warnings tell you to get out, then get out. Don’t put your own lives at risk, and don’t put local firefighters and other rescue services at risk.

2. Avoid driving during floods and storms. If you must travel check travel updates for the safest routes.

3. Keep kids away from flooded areas. Kids can drown in just six inches of water.

4. Keep emergency lighting and food stored high up in your home. Keep emergency supplies in waterproof coverings, along with phone chargers and spare batteries.

5. Make sure you clean out all flood waters from your home after the storm has moved on. Contaminated waters can introduce real hazards into your homes and bodies. Damp carpet and upholstery can breed mold and encourage bugs to breed in your home.

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Designing your home to reflect your style

Check out our great guest post by New York interior designer Michal Abehsera on New York carpet and rug choices to match your personality and fashion choices.

As an interior designer I see a strong correlation between our own closets and the carpets we choose to cover our floors with. Fashion comes with a world of choices and allows someone to portray oneself as he or she wishes.

Zebra print rugOne can be wild and exotic, or adorned with feminine flair, a sophisticated and classic chooser, or the loud and eccentric.  As an interior designer working in the New York area I encourage clients to also see their choices in home furnishings as a further expression of themselves.

Zebra, tiger, leopard, and cow have migrated from the wild into our homes. Their patterns and hides are a hit that awaken even the dullest of dull. Whether in their natural hues or bright and saturated bold colors, an animal print rug is sure to make an impact.

NYC carpetIf feminine frills and lace are your thing, lace replicas with velvet-like textures create a semblance of romance. Flirt a bit with these fine ruffles and the rest is history, your love story written.

Classic in your closet choices?   Herringbone, plaid and gingham your thing?  Translate that all the way down to what you walk on.  Cover your floors with carpets that will always be around time after time.

70’s retro your newest love?shag carpet cleaning NY  Well shag your way into a jungle for your feet.  Shag is back and bigger than ever.  Thick and thin, wool and cotton, from lowest of pile to high.  Choosiest of choosers, you can now make a choice.

Having a fling with a Mediterranean design? Moroccan and Persian patterns in rug design are the newest trend and spice up any space.  Patterns create movement and movement creates a flow, a cycle has been born.

Persian rug LGD has now become the new LBD.  Grey is hands, and in this case, feet down, the new black, white, and beige.  The choices of grey carpets now run from this world to the after world and beyond.

grey carpet  With a world of colors, textures, designs, patterns and trends in today’s carpet choices one could easily get lost and confused.  My advice?  Take your fashion style and translate into your carpet choice and you’ll pretty much be happy wearing that carpet on your floors all the time.

Interior Designer- New York

Interior Designer- New York

Michal Abehsera is a Parsons graduate and New York based interior designer specializing in modern and contemporary residential spaces.   Check out her website for home inspiration or to book a consultation.

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Carpet Repairs and Cleaning: How to Know When the Time is Right

We’re so busy every day that it’s hard to find the time for basic cleaning, let alone take care of major cleaning projects. The great part about Spring cleaning is that it reminds you when it’s time to get certain jobs done. Wall to wall carpeting needs to be cleaned often, but how do you know if your carpets need a good cleaning or is it time to make some carpet repairs?

Take a walk around your home, do your carpets have small bumps or ripples? As they age it’s common for carpets to start to ripple and wrinkle. These bumps are tripping hazarards which can be very dangerous for the elderly, or if they are located near stairs. Fortunately, carpet restretching is an easy enough project for do it yourself types and nearly all carpet cleaning companies offer professional carpet restretching services.

Area rug Repair Services

Are there high traffic areas of the home where the carpeting is worn through to the floor, or do you have small burns in the carpet? Certain areas of a home get more traffic than others, often leaving the carpeting in certain areas looking messier than others. It’s easy enough to replace just the carpet in the hallway with spare carpet, making your whole house look as good as new.

After walking around the home, if you don’t notice any major damage to the structure of the carpet, then all you’ll need is an old fashioned carpet cleaning. Having the carpets cleaned at least twice a year will prevent the need for carpet replacement and repair in the future, and keep your home looking beautiful all year long.

How to Clean Air Conditioning Vents

Clean Air | Flat Rate Carpet BlogIndoor air pollution is a big issue in most homes, and dirty air vents are a major cause of allergy symptoms. All winter long dust and dirt collect in the home, contributing to allergy symptoms. Cleaning your air conditioning vents will not only extend the life of air conditioning units, but it will also make the air in your home more breathable and help prevent allergies.

To get started cleaning your air conditioning vents, take a regular broom and use it to brush dirt away from air vents in the ceiling and on the floor. You’ll be shocked at how much dust collects on the outside of the vents.

Next, remove the vent covers and vacuum inside the air ducts. This will remove the built up dirt and dust and keep it from being recirculated into the home.

Make sure to change the filters in all your vents at least once a year. Blocked filters prevent air conditioners and furnaces from working properly, wasting energy and increasing indoor air pollution.

If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned the air vents in your home, consider hiring a professional cleaning service that cleans air vents and ducts. Professionals have high powered vacuums and brushes that can quickly clean out even the dirtiest vent.

Keep your air vents clean and help your whole family breath easy.

Bed Bug Prevention

Bed bugs are extremely tiny pests that make a large mess inside of a home or building. If you live in, or are traveling to, an area that is affected by bed bugs it’s important to take certain measures to prevent bringing bed bugs into your home. Taking a few small steps in bed bug prevention is much easier than getting rid of the bugs once they have moved in.

Bedroom | Flat Rate Carpet BlogFinding furniture on the street used to be a great idea, however you may be bringing more than a sofa into your home. Bed bugs are not easily detected, so you have no way of knowing what you’re bringing home.

When purchasing used furniture take the time to deeply inspect all cracks and crevices for any signs of bed bugs. Using a magnifying class and a flashlight, look for blood spots, bug feces, or the bugs themselves deep in cracks and crevices of furniture.

Sometimes bed bugs wander into a home from a nearby apartment through small cracks in the walls, baseboards and other similar fixtures. To avoid this you can seal cracks and crevices in your home with caulk.

When traveling in areas well known for bed bugs be especially careful with your luggage, as bed bugs can hide in the seams and hitchhike home with you. Do not place suitcases on the bed or floor until you’ve inspected the mattresses for signs of bed bugs (tiny blood smears). Make sure to check the seams of your suitcase for hitchhikers before you leave.

If you think your clothing was exposed to bed bugs, wash and dry them in very hot temperatures to kill the bugs. Keep all clothing in a sealed, plastic bag until you can wash them in order to trap the bugs.

Identifying and getting rid of bed bugs is very difficult, which is why proper bed bug prevention is so important. Avoid expensive exterminations and sleepless nights by keeping bed bugs out of your home.