Sharing is Caring, Especially When It Comes to Cleaning

Summer Cleaning for Your Home Part I

Spring-cleaning can seem a daunting task to any house owner, especially if the house has been neglected throughout the colder winter months. Here are some helpful hints for getting the job done faster, and with less stress!

Preparation and Organization:

  • Organize a plan for all rooms in your house. Decide what rooms need what cleaning, then tackle them one at a time
  • Make a week-long or weekend long schedule of what needs to be done and when you intend to do it
  • Dole out tasks to other members of the family so you don’t have to hack it alone
  • Start by organizing a room, returning objects to their proper places, and cleaning out papers that have piled up over the year along with little knick-knacks that have been around since the holidays

Now that you have begun to organize your house and prepare it for soap and scrubbing, keep an eye open for our next post about sudsing up and getting your home squeaky clean!