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Staying safe during hurricane season in NY

Less than 50% of New York and New Jersey residents are preparing more for hurricane season this year, despite the devastation from Sandy and Irene still so fresh in our minds (and neighborhoods.)

As the rain lashes down this weekend please make sure that you and your families are prepared.

ny storms

1. Listen to local news– and take it seriously! If the weather warnings tell you to get out, then get out. Don’t put your own lives at risk, and don’t put local firefighters and other rescue services at risk.

2. Avoid driving during floods and storms. If you must travel check travel updates for the safest routes.

3. Keep kids away from flooded areas. Kids can drown in just six inches of water.

4. Keep emergency lighting and food stored high up in your home. Keep emergency supplies in waterproof coverings, along with phone chargers and spare batteries.

5. Make sure you clean out all flood waters from your home after the storm has moved on. Contaminated waters can introduce real hazards into your homes and bodies. Damp carpet and upholstery can breed mold and encourage bugs to breed in your home.

Call Flat Rate Carpet for a free estimate for water damage restoration. Stay safe.



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