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Decoding Your Laundry

Have you ever wondered what those tiny symbols listed under care instructions mean on the tags of clothing and textiles? For all of you who wonder, enjoy this little explanation on those rather important and super vague symbols. May you never go confused or ruining clothes, again.

Hand Wash Only: This symbol shows a hand reaching into a small basket with water inside.

Machine Wash: Small basket partially filled with water. Sometimes it will have a number written in the basket which indicates water temperature.

Machine Wash Delicate: This symbol also shows a small basket partially filled with water and two horizontal vertical lines under the basket.

Chlorine Bleach (Or any other kind of bleach): If you garment has a white triangle symbol, you may use chlorine bleach to treat and wash the item.

Do Not Use Chlorine Bleach (Or any other kind of bleach): A black triangle with an “X” running through it means that you should NOT use chlorine bleach on the item.

Tumble Dry: For an item that can go in the dryer, you will see a small square with a circle inside. The number of dots will indicate the proper dryer temperature: 1 dot = low heat, 2 dots = medium heat, 3 dots = high heat

Hang Dry: A small square with a half circle at the top (which kind of looks like a drooping clothes line) indicates that hang drying is highly recommended (especially outside in the sun and wind).

Ironing: If ironing is acceptable for the garment you will see a small iron on the tag. Again the number of dots (like with the tumble dry symbol) will indicate the proper heat.

Do Not Iron: If ironing is not acceptable or recommended for the garment, you will see an iron crossed out with an “X.”