Sharing is Caring, Especially When It Comes to Cleaning

Smoking Down the House

With more and more states (like New York) passing laws prohibiting cigarette smoking in public, smokers can now only smoke in confined, personal areas like homes and cars. Although this clears the public air of all the second hand smoke, it leaves homes victim to the damages of cigarette smoke.

Second-hand smoke negatively affects the carpets, rugs and furniture in the home. This causes problems especially in rental units and houses for sale on the market. Non-smokers can detect second hand cigarette smoke from the instant they walk into a home. It can seriously deter the sale or rental of the house or apartment.

If you are interested in selling, buying or renting a home with second hand smoke damages, make sure to take advantage of professional cleaning services. Cleaning treatments like drapery cleaning, deep-carpet cleaning and even mattress cleaning can not only remove the unpleasant odor left behind by cigarette smoke, but also repair any little holes from burn marks.