Sharing is Caring, Especially When It Comes to Cleaning

Spring Into Family Fun

We all know spring cleaning the house requites help from more than just one set of hands, so follow some of our tips on how to turn spring cleaning into a fun experience of the whole family.

Start with a family meeting. Confirm a definite date and time for your cleaning extravaganza. Triple check all schedules to make sure you don’t overlap or conflict any commitments or events. Once you set a time, keep it.

Pre-shop. Buy and gather all supplies at least one day before your spring cleaning event. This keeps you organized and prepared for the big day. Breaking the momentum to run to the store can really put a damper on every one’s attitude.

Tourney time. Divide the cleaning and organizing chores evenly and then create even teams of your family members. Create team names, mascots, colors and cheers. First team to finish gets a special prize at the end of the day.

Tune-age. Have each family member give you their top ten favorite songs and create a mixed CD to keep you cleaning, singing and grooving through the day.

Time outs. Schedule breaks with snacks and down time. Serve your family favorites snacks along with some healthy choices to keep energy and blood sugar levels stable.

Photo opportunities. Let each team designate one photographer to take pictures of the days events. Create a scrap book or photo collage for the house. You never know what your kids will use as great family memories for their children.

Everyone is a winner. Treat everyone to a prize at the end of the day. Whether you order a pizza or head to the movies, make sure you have something fun, relaxing and rewarding to share with your family.

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