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Designing your home to reflect your style

Check out our great guest post by New York interior designer Michal Abehsera on New York carpet and rug choices to match your personality and fashion choices.

As an interior designer I see a strong correlation between our own closets and the carpets we choose to cover our floors with. Fashion comes with a world of choices and allows someone to portray oneself as he or she wishes.

Zebra print rugOne can be wild and exotic, or adorned with feminine flair, a sophisticated and classic chooser, or the loud and eccentric.  As an interior designer working in the New York area I encourage clients to also see their choices in home furnishings as a further expression of themselves.

Zebra, tiger, leopard, and cow have migrated from the wild into our homes. Their patterns and hides are a hit that awaken even the dullest of dull. Whether in their natural hues or bright and saturated bold colors, an animal print rug is sure to make an impact.

NYC carpetIf feminine frills and lace are your thing, lace replicas with velvet-like textures create a semblance of romance. Flirt a bit with these fine ruffles and the rest is history, your love story written.

Classic in your closet choices?   Herringbone, plaid and gingham your thing?  Translate that all the way down to what you walk on.  Cover your floors with carpets that will always be around time after time.

70’s retro your newest love?shag carpet cleaning NY  Well shag your way into a jungle for your feet.  Shag is back and bigger than ever.  Thick and thin, wool and cotton, from lowest of pile to high.  Choosiest of choosers, you can now make a choice.

Having a fling with a Mediterranean design? Moroccan and Persian patterns in rug design are the newest trend and spice up any space.  Patterns create movement and movement creates a flow, a cycle has been born.

Persian rug LGD has now become the new LBD.  Grey is hands, and in this case, feet down, the new black, white, and beige.  The choices of grey carpets now run from this world to the after world and beyond.

grey carpet  With a world of colors, textures, designs, patterns and trends in today’s carpet choices one could easily get lost and confused.  My advice?  Take your fashion style and translate into your carpet choice and you’ll pretty much be happy wearing that carpet on your floors all the time.

Interior Designer- New York

Interior Designer- New York

Michal Abehsera is a Parsons graduate and New York based interior designer specializing in modern and contemporary residential spaces.   Check out her website for home inspiration or to book a consultation.

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