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The Health Benefits of Chocolate

Many health gurus and scientists talk about the health benefits of chocolate. However, eating a regular milk chocolate bar every day will likely only make you less healthy.

So what exactly do they mean when they talk about healthy chocolate?

First, it’s important that we differentiate between the health benefits of cocoa, the raw product of the cocoa bean, and chocolate. Chocolate is a processed byproduct of the cocoa bean, and often contains less than 20% cocoa. Any health benefits from cocoa will only be found in very high quality dark chocolate bars. Chocolate bars with 60% cocoa, and no added sugars are a far cry from the sweet milky chocolate that most of us adore. Real cocoa is slightly bitter, and closer to coffee than a chocolate bar.

Cocoa can be found in any health food store, or even in your local grocery store. Cocoa enhances your mood and is a great stress reliever. Cocoa also improves blood flow and lowers high blood pressure.

Next time you crave chocolate, reach for a high cocoa content variety and reap the benefits of this super yummy bean.

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