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Halloween Recipes for a Ghoulish Evening!

Last post we looked at crafts you could make, but today it’s time to think about what you’ll be eating and drinking on the big night.

With a creepy feel to them, let’s start with these Halloween eyeballs. You will need 20 marshmallows, 20 chocolate chips and some red icing. Push a chip into each marshmallow then draw the blood lines with the red icing. The result is very scary!

Or what about some Halloween punch? Take one bottle of apple juice, one bottle of lemon-lime soda, one bottle of ginger ale, and some green frozen juice concentrate. Mix together well, and add some cinnamon and cloves if you like. Delicious!

Finally, what party would be complete without some spooky Halloween cupcakes?

After you’ve made the basic cupcakes, with butter, sugar, flour and eggs, make up some icing in garish orange and frightening black. Decorate each cake with a spider’s web and your guests will howl with fright as they tuck in!

Happy Halloween!

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