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How Healthy is a Bacteria-Less Home?

Commercial cleaning companies continue to come out with new and improved products. These products claim to sterilize all surfaces and items in your house—we’ve all heard their claims, “kills 99% of all germs and bacteria.”

But, does a completely sterilized and germ-free home really keep you healthier in the long run?

Recent findings say no. According to new research, sterilizing an area removes natural and harmless bacteria from the environment. This creates stronger, drug-resistant forms of brand new germs. Exposure to these new germs causes all kinds of illnesses since your body does not recognize them.

Not to mention, that these new germs also attack and kill and the good bacteria in your body. Not cool.

So, in order to keep your home healthier and clean, take a break from the harsh chemical-laden, anti-bacterial products. Instead, use a simpler product or an all natural alternative for everyday use.

Try using a simple combination of water and distilled white to clean your home. Or mix together a few 100% all-natural essential oils. Certain essential oils feature mess and germ fighting qualities.

So trade out your chemicals for a natural substitute and reserve the serious products for a heavier mess.

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