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How to Make a Cleaning Schedule

Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to keep up with the house cleaning. The minute you finish the laundry the hamper is full again. You swear you just washed the floors yesterday but they are a mess again, and dirty dishes fill the sink faster than you can wash them.

If you want to reduce the over all stress of keeping a clean house, making a cleaning schedule is the way to go. By dividing up chores by times of the day, and days of the week (and if you’re lucky, by members of the family) you will never again be overwhelmed by the sight of a laundry pile or dusty shelf.

Start by dividing tasks into once a week tasks such as dusting and floor cleaning, biweekly chores such as laundry, and chores that need to be done multiple times a day like dish washing. This way when you notice that the laundry hamper is getting full, you can feel calm knowing that you’ll take care of it on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Doing dishes three times a day, after meal times, means that you won’t feel like you’re do nothing but dishes all day long!

Keeping a house clean can sometimes feel like a never ending battle, but a cleaning schedule will make even the messiest house manageable.

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