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Energy Saving Tips in the Home Part I

Have an especially high energy bill this month? Looking for ways to cut corners on your budget and leave a smaller carbon footprint? Here are some helpful hints on how to save energy and money in the home.

  • Insulate and Seal Air Leaks: This creates a constant in-home temperature and prevents cool air from escaping in the summer and heated air from escaping in the winter
  • Heating and Cooling: Set your thermostat to the lowest comfortable temperature when using heat, and the highest comfortable temperature when cooling the house
  • Ventilation and Air Ducts: Clean out ventilation system and check for any leaks
  • Work with the Sun: During the summer, keep the window blinds closed to prevent the sun from heating your house further, and in the winter, open the blinds to allow the sun to heat the air inside
  • Appliances: When buying new appliances, always choose energy-efficient ones with up-to-date technology. Make sure to also compare the operating cost of the appliance with the purchasing cost of the appliance

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