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Dorm Rooms 101: Essentials to Help your Freshman Feel at Home

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Well, the summer came and went and now it’s time to check into the dorms.

While this time brings about a lot of emotions, it’s also the best time to stock your student up the some awesome essentials to make the dorms feel more at home.

Start with the basics: bedding and towels.

Let your student choose the color styles they like while finding a good enough brand to fit the bed and last longer than a couple of semesters.

Look for reversible and heavy blankets to top the bed and twin sheets that allow for a comfy bed cover to fit underneath.

As far as towels go, pick up a couple sets of each size. You want something that can take a lot of use (and abuse).

Bed, Bath & Beyond offers a low cost brand ($4-$6) in all colors called Lasting Color Towels.

Help you student set up a little nook in their room. Stack small plastic crates on top of each other with the open side sticking out.

Fill each cubby with water bottles, travel mugs, and heavy plastic (re-usable) dishes and utensils. Make sure to grab an electric tea kettle for cups of tea or noodles at all hours of the day and night.

Give you student a little help when it comes to studying with a new alarm clock and head phones. Choose an alarm with enough bell options to keep your student to getting accustomed to the sound.

Find comfortable and durable headphones so your student can tune out excess noise and tune into some serious study zones.

With a couple of cool dorm room enhancements, your freshman will feel right and home and ready to hit the books.

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