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The History of Daylight Saving Time

Yesterday, the second Sunday of March, residents of the United States entered Daylight Saving Time (DST). As we Spring forward, we take one hour of our morning sunlight and add it on to the end of the day.

DST was originally adopted in the US and much of Europe during the first World War. In 1916 Germany and Austria changed time during the summer as a way of conserving fuel needed to produce lighting in the evening. During the next two years the energy saving move spread like wildfire throughout Europe, England and Australia until it came to the US in 1918.

In 1919 DST was repealed because people generally woke up and went to bed much earlier than they do today and hated the new law. Some States kept the new time table, and others chose to keep the same time year

During WW II the law was once again put into action, and for three years DST was in effect all year long. Between 1945 and 1966 every state was free to choose whether or not they participated in DST, until it became too confusing and in 1966 The Uniform Time Act of 1966 was put into place.

Since then various changes to the law have been made. For the most part American’s enjoy the added hour of sunlight, and only a few regions refrain from changing time.

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