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Clean Your Windows for a Happier Winter

Cat in Clean Window | Flat Rate Carpet BlogIt’s hard to get enough sunshine in the middle of winter, especially since we spend most of our day indoors. We need sunlight to regulate melatonin, give us vitamin D, and to help beat the winter blues. Even if you’re unable to get outside during the day, the sunshine that comes in through the windows is an extremely important source of light. Dirty windows block out a lot of important sunshine, and keeping your windows clean will double the amount of helpful sunlight exposure throughout your day.

To help you maximize the sunshine in your life, we’ve compiled the following tips for super clean windows.

  • Vacuum screens to remove dust.
  • Clean windows with a squeegee, or a soft cloth to avoid the lint left behind by paper towels.
  • Prewash the outside of the windows with a hose or water to remove excess dirt.
  • On the outside of the house, wash windows up and down, and on the inside, wash them side to side – that way if there are streaks on the windows, you’ll know which side needs to be rewashed.

To make you’re own window washing liquid, just mix distilled white vinegar with water and wash away. If you’re using white vinegar for the first time, add a drop of dish washing soap to the mixture. Conventional window cleaners leave behind a waxy residue, which will leave streaks if you wash the windows with vinegar, however the drop of dish soap will remove the residue and make your windows shine.

You don’t have to freeze outside to enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight. Wash your windows well and bathe your home or office in light.

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