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Back to School Organizing Tips

Back to School | Flat Rate Carpet BlogIt’s back to school season, and your home is probably cluttered with notebooks, pens and new clothes. If your house is a back to school mess, get clean and organized with these simple back to school cleaning tips.

Start the school year right with a designated area for back packs and homework papers. Not only will it keep your house organized, but it will help the students in your home stay organized with their school work.

Get a clip for the refrigerator for any papers that need to be signed, or notices for parents. If there’s always a special place to put important papers, they are less likely to get lost or forgotten.

Is there a mountain of sports equipment, musical instruments, or other after school equipment piling up by your door? Make sure each has a place of it’s own.

Having a large family calendar in a place where everyone can see it (on the refrigerator or by the front door) is the perfect way to make sure important activities aren’t overlooked. If everyone’s schedules are clearly written out, it’s easier to organize rides and make sure everyone gets where they need to be, on time and without multiple trips around town.

Get a jump on the school year by getting your house organized for the school year!

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