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All You Need to Know About Berber

If you’ve ever seen the comedy “Get Him to the Greek,” you may know a song from the feature film called “Furry Walls.” Although set in a very silly context, this song talks about the comfort of carpeted, furry walls.

From the moment I saw the movie and heard the song, it always made me think of Beber carpeting. So I decided to share some “Jeopardy” worthy info with you, my dear readers.

Early Berber carpets came from the northern part of Africa where the Beber people spent hours creating hand spun wool. They used this wool to create all types of textiles and clothing items, including the Berber carpet.

Modern Beber, now made world wide, still features that thick, wool fluff feeling—although now offered in both synthetic and natural fibers. When laid across the floors in your home, because of its thick loop design, it offers extreme comfort, durability and long life.

Beber carpeting, made of either synthetic or natural wool materials, adds that super comfortable, furry feeling to your home (whether it covers the floors or walls). When you step into Beber carpet, you feel the soft caress and gentle support of its hand-looped fibers.

So if you want that furry, super comfortable feel in your home, consider the coziest of all carpet styles, Beber. If you’re lucky you may even get, as the song says, your “furry walls to kiss you goodnight.”

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