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Oriental Rug Repair

Oriental Area Rugs Expertly Repaired

When you take your treasured Oriental rug for regular maintenance, and even more so, when you take it for special repair – you need to know you are in good hands. 

Flat Rate Carpet has the skills, knowledge, tools and methods to assure you of that. 

Using our experience, we are able to perform the most delicate repair procedures, while keeping your rug’s look and form. We combine modern and classic techniques to best care for your rug.

Amongst the services we offer are: 

Oriental Rug Overcasting
When the fringes are coming undone, or starting to become loose, we can weave and knot them by hand, making sure it keeps its form. By doing so, we strengthen the fringes. 
Oriental Rug Binding
Binding is more easily damaged, since it is at the side of the rug, somewhat separated from the rug's base. From time to time, it's necessary to repair or replace the binding.
Oriental Reweaving
When small holes form from regular usage, they can become big holes. Before that happens, we can reweave a new foundation, making sure your rug stays intact.  

Oriental Rug Re-sizing
When it comes to damage on the outer edges of your rug, one possible solution is to resize the rug by cutting it to a smaller size. You will still have the same beautiful rug, only a bit smaller.

Oriental fringe repair and replacement
Fringes are more prone to be damaged than other parts of the rug, since they are attached to the rug, and not an integral part of it. Our experts Oriental rug repair team have two options: replacing the entire row of fringe or repair the problematic parts. We can do it by hand, or with a machine, depending on the type of the rug, and its condition. 

Oriental Rug Blocking 
With certain rugs, in order to avoid or fix folds and wrinkles, we need to use blocking, which stretches out the rug. This is the case with many thinner and finer rugs.  

Call us today for expert Oriental rug repair services in New York, NYC & New Jersey. 

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