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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Greenwich, CT

Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning Services Greenwich, Fairfield, CT

Cleaner Carpets, Cleaner Home

Is your carpet adding to the beauty of your home or detracting from your health? 

Carpets are a wonderful and warm addition to a home, but without professional cleaning they can become a haven for bacteria and allergens.

We're looking out for Greenwich by offering world class professional carpet cleaning services. Not only will we get rid of your existing health dangers, we won't bring any new hazards into your home with chemical cleaners either. That's because we only use natural, organic products.

Professional Rug Renewal

The life of a rug can be much longer than most people may think. There are many handmade, centuries-old rugs still in use in homes which have been passed down through generations, but they didn't stay in good shape on their own.

We provide thorough and professional rug renewal services to Fairfield, from restoring the color to strengthening the edges and backing. Our technicians are highly trained to find and repair even the smallest spots of rug wear. Call us today for free pickup and delivery of your rugs.

Rest Easy in Clean Furniture

Upholstery can be stained and damaged from nothing more than the acids from our skin over time. Even if there are no obvious spots on your upholstery, it needs a good professional cleaning. Call us in Connecticut to make your furniture clean again.

Sleep Better on a Truly Clean Mattress

You spend too much time on your mattress to not have it be as clean as it can be. A vacuum will only get the surface dirt, not the dirt and dust mites inside. 

Our organic products and high-powered vacuums will clean and sanitize your mattress through and through. We finish by spraying on a safe and effective barrier against any future 

accumulations. Call us in Greenwich today, and sleep better tonight.

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